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Yoga – Helping Deal with Mankind Since 500BC

Yoga – Helping Deal with Mankind Since 500BC

Yoga has been the underdog far too long now, but not anymore. Even 20 something’s are sitting up and taking notice of this worldwide phenomenon which is a gift from India to the entire mankind I would say. Its exclusivity is dying and it’s seeping into our living rooms and gardens, community centres and even schools thanks to our very fit, Yoga aficionado Prime Minister as well.

So here’s a quickie on what it really does to you – though none of it can be understood unless you really do it with your heart and soul:

  • Brings a sense of calmness – yes heard much before, but observe your temper levels and frustration dip once you do this continuously.
  • Opens up your body – again very much heard before, but you wouldn’t know of the nerves and veins that existed in your body unless you did some good yoga I assure you
  • Realize your limits and push higher – it gets the mental game ball rolling where your mind allows your body to discover its own limits, which can be stretched much beyond your imagination also right now.
  • Creates a musical symphony in your body and breathing – Ever wondered if a person breathes from his nose or his stomach? Well actually your real breath is supposed to originate and end through your stomach. That is one full breath which a person barely takes in his entire lifetime. Yoga makes you experience it in first few lessons itself
  • Alert mind – With all your pores and chakras and nostrils opening up, your mind is certainly more fresh and alert at all times.
  • Doesn’t need much investment – best bit is that you can practice this anywhere. There are no fancy equipments or clothes required. You can even practice by yourself fand then decide to take up a class or instructor if need be. All it needs is your will to do it!

If you are someone always on the run, and find yoga boring and slow, here’s an advice from a runner who does yoga as well – try it to see the difference it brings to you. All the action of running gets beautifully synchronized with Yoga. The experience is just so profound, you would want to know more of it!

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