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Making Efforts

Making Efforts

Everyday you need to be a better version of yourself. Or so is the demanding nature of this world we live in. But what happens when we don’t succeed? When we don’t manage making the best of the day? Smart work is regning the charts these days but is it really that easy? Or is it just the more hyped component of hard work? Undoubtedly so, hard work still remains the underlying reason of all successes be itin business, health or relationships.

People want things quick and easy now, and it is fast becoming a habit, so much so that even love is not spared in this. We refuse to make efforts but don’t shy away from wanting a DDLJ kind of love story where Raj would yearn for Simran till the last wheel of the train gets off the railway station! What we do definitely check is if our SIM is functioning fine for all the watsapp forwards and texts to be delivered to our respective love interests.

I wonder what stops us from going all out? What stops us from putting in efforts and having a bigger chunk of unconditional essence in the same? By unconditional, I don’t mean unreasonable, it just means to not expect to be rewarded in the same manner as you would want it. Very recently read a quote, that the trees, the stars, the moon have all been around much before us. And would be so much after us as well. They never seek any acknowledgement, nor do they feel the need to be appreciated. We humans get all of that, and still want more. So the efforts also come as a package deal!

But the source of all the efforts begin with yourself. And more importantly self-love. If you can have the awareness and capacity to love yourself over anyone else first, and be so complete and convinced within yourself, then there is nothing which would stop you from trying to achieve the best not just for yourself but even for people around you. This self-love also doesn’t come with a manual. So would keep evolving over time, but as long as its etched in your mind then you are certainly on track.

It is not easy, but BEGIN. And don’t expect anything from others – this is even more not easy. But yet again BEGIN. Life is much more than a trading game, just BEGIN with knowing your potential. Make an effort towards yourself this time!

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