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How You Wake Up Every Morning Decides How Your Day Is Going to Be

How You Wake Up Every Morning Decides How Your Day Is Going to Be

Mornings are ideally supposed to be all about feeling fresh, rejuvenated and energized. But if you were to be true to yourself, is that really how you wake up every morning? If you are lucky like me to be living in a society full of senior citizens and ghostly investors, with just a handful of tiny tots making the right amount of noise, it would most likely be that a peaceful environment surrounds you. But as in most Indian cities, peace and quiet is not something the builder guarantees along with steep EMI installments.

Not digressing from the main topic, your mornings are the biggest hi-point of the day. As much as you would not realize or want to admit it, that is the time of the day when all your energies are at their peak. And how you choose to make the best use of them for the day is completely in your hands. If you get up all dreary and worn out from last evening either due to work or excessive partying, the day is bound to be a struggle to get through. But if you have had a peaceful sleep of requisite hours, you are wise enough to see the difference.

The debate of some humans being nocturnal does not exist, because well you are not designed to be nocturnal and if you think you are being more efficient during the wee hours of the night, that’s simply because you haven’t tried getting up in the morning and experiencing what it can do to your mind, body and soul. Yes mornings have the power to address these three huge aspects of your life – mind, body and soul. Here’s something you can do if you want to unveil the real power of just the surface that’s you:

  1. Get to Know Your Thoughts – Observe what your thoughts are early in the morning, just as you get up. While you are getting out of your bed, wearing your slippers and running to the loo or the kitchen – whatever be your ignition to jumpstart the day – don’t negate or do anything about your thoughts because they will not listen to you just like that. Just let them be, but you be watchful, like how you watch every step of the pani puri guy on the street make it everytime since you have been eating it. Are these thoughts that of your day ahead? Are they leftovers from yesterday’s incident or actions? Are they about the pressing matter which you think is so important? Or are they the mundane ones like the laundry to be done and house to be cleaned? Whatever they might be, just go with them and carry on your routine
  2. Place Your Energies – When you get up in the morning, what are your energy levels like? Till what time are you able to sustain them? Which point makes these energies start dipping? Notice how in fraction of seconds things tend to change. Feel that nerve or vein in the head that is gnawing you down. Feel that cloud of severe headache you feel is approaching you, but sub consciously you are aware it’s only a figment of your imagination. Just notice all of this.
  3. Watch Your Emotions – What is your mind communicating to you? What is it telling you for this silly activity that you have undertaken and created a self-inflicted havoc in the haven the big mind resided in? Do you feel calm or are you fighting with your senses? How much time does it take to put yourself at ease? These emotions which create a turmoil in you – how much are they really helping or negating what you have really decided to do? Observe them and let them be.

I can assure you one thing that the day 1 to day 5 is going to be the biggest struggle of your life. But the crux of the matter is that with each day, you are going to see new dimensions of yourself and your remaining day, in every new morning that you wake up to. A jump from the bed, and a spring in step would be just the starting but I urge you to take it ahead. Scientifically it takes 21 days of continuous practice to make something a habit. Now my writing something here and saying something to you like getting up early in the morning with full consciousness is definitely not what you are going to keep in mind for long. But let me let you know one thing, that every morning when you do start getting up, step out in your balcony and look towards the sky, mention your gratitude through a smile spread on your face, I shall know that something has moved within you and that shall be more than enough.

Granny’s Tips to Sleep Well:

  1. Get good hours packed in – NOTHING in this world will fall apart if your presentation goes the next day, if you have one pint less, if you watch one episode less – GET YOUR SLEEP HOURS IN. Know your bare minimum and make sure you get those hours daily – fluctuating this speaks of how much you stick to anything.
  2. Switch off electronics an hour before sleeping – I’m sure you’ve heard of this before. The glare of the screen is blinding. Just switch off and see the joy. Snuggle a bit more with your partner, play some with your kid, talk to your kid, or just put your legs up and dream but switch the screens off.
  3. Wake up 15mins before – It sounds like a tricky situation but the catch is that you would be running on clockwork at most times – every minute means something. Since we cant add more than 24hrs in a day, we decided to propose to you that wake up 15mins before your scheduled time. And for nothing extravagant, but just to give yourself that time – to think, pray, plan – whatever you want to do. Those 15mins would also help you sleep better the following day – come and tell me how.
  4. Deep Breaths is all it Takes – If you are the kinds who amazes people by telling them what a light sleeper you are and how difficult it is to fall asleep for you, well try the ten deep breaths formula. Take minimum ten long deep breaths from the bottom of your throat area (not just the nose) and observe the sleep sink in. If it still doesn’t happen, wait for us to speak to our granny and get you some more remedies!

Redefine your mornings. We guarantee success! Write your experiences to me at

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