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My Work Temple

My Work Temple

Every morning I am fortunate enough to go to work where I drive through a beautiful passage of huge trees hovering over me. The greens of those trees on both sides come together above me, they are beautiful, always protecting me, like a gentle cover giving me shade, coolness, calmness to the eyes, and making me happy every single day by just being there.

I see my mother in them, nurturing me, holding me tight and making my own world such a beautiful place. They remind me of all the times my mother has pointed out to the beauty of trees coming together above a long winding road, leading to a haven which immortalizes our relationship and everything about us, bringing across a smile. Some thin and some stout, but all are strong as they form the entire tree and hold up the leaves.

These barks are characteristic of my father. Come what may, no matter what the weather, they keep sturdy, fastened to the ground, giving food from the soil to every corner and point of the tree. They only strive to grow the tree higher and stronger, lets my mother – the leaves, reach out and show off their beauty. The father, dark, strong, rooted to the ground only to build the tree as a complete and whole family.

Imagine how the browns compliment the greens, making them shine. And then there are the shrubs on the side, with tiny leaves who sway at every drift of the wind, greeting me every day in a flurry of congratulations on having lived a good day before and welcoming me into a new one. Encouraging me to look forward to what’s in store, making me feel like a celebrity, with them as the crowds cheering me on while I walk the red carpet.

I cherish my work every day but most importantly I cherish the drive through this passage which gives me a world of my own. And the sunlight which peeks through these trees is everyday life. While my parents protect me, and the crowd cheers me, life happens and I remain eternally grateful.

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