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Traffic Jams Are Like Family Members

Traffic Jams Are Like Family Members

It might sound odd but it is true. I was stuck in a a traffic jam obviously when I came up with this but hear me out – it might just make sense to you also.

What do you do when stuck in a jam?  It’s a situation you have not created but are still a part of. Observe if you get angry, crib and then make peace with it. If this jam is on your office route, then you maybe wont be getting angry everyday but that irritation still does always seep in.

Do you then over time start filling in this ‘jammed’ time with other activities like calling people either for meetings or socially? Do you listen to music or read (if being driven of course)? Do you start looking outside the window and start checking out people or even worse the hoardings around if any? There’s always something your mind would find for you to do, which would simmer down the irritation and anger within. It is your mind which makes you feel these emotions, and then it’s the mind which brings you these solutions. What if you start making these solutions a part of your drive everytime – the room for anger and irritation just about minimizes to nothing, and these jams become just another time to explore beyond the ordinary.

Is that not something that we can do in dealing with our family members in times when things are sour? When all cant see eye to eye and yet have to live together because that’s what families do. There would be an initial tension but how long that goes on is really dependent on you. When you have the power to make a one hour traffic jam seem like a smooth ride, there is definitely more to you than just letting things be with your family. Finding a solution might take time, and executing it might take even longer, but the process can begin now. It can begin when you want it to, unless you are gaining some sadistic pleasure in keeping things hanging. Most importantly – Don’t push anything under the carpet. Work it out, talk it out. Figure out what is important to you.

It is going to be the same route to work everyday. The later you leave home, the heavier the jam for you to navigate through. Try beginning ten minutes earlier from home. Maybe there will be an opening which will save you precious moments from this jam!

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