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Power of #Hashtags

Power of #Hashtags

There is an awesome app for writers and thinkers like me, who see poetry and books being stitched out of our own random thoughts. This app is called YourQuote and you can write your pros/poetry/narrations in a certain word span with beautiful background designs and publish. The founders put in ‘words of the day’ for the uninitiated which need to be hashtagged for better following. Not being one to get limited to a given word, lest my freedom of thought be snatched away, I mostly stay away from framing my thoughts around the word and worse hashtagging it.

But one day I did. And in a lovely manner where I could hashtag both the word of the day as well as the form of poetry to be used. Just being happy with my literary strings being nice and bright, I went about my day as always, only to notice by evening that that post had maximum likes, and my follower base had grown over 20%. And my o my, did that feel good or not! Which made the cynical me wonder about how these hashtags and tags are simply creating celebrities out of normal people like us. The instant appreciation and acknowledgement is so amazing that it hooks you on. Your work gets validated and gives you motivation to keep moving ahead. It also puts you in touch with people who would never have known otherwise. My twitter is a place where I get messages from industry experts, writers and business owners directly and frankly the feeling of knowing them is much stronger.

There is a power which these hashtags bestow upon us unknowingly. How we use it, work it up and showcase it is completely in our hands. How we channelize it is also solely dependent on us. So get your freak on and work the wonders of your creativity around. There is bound to be a platform which would appreciate your form of creativity.

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