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Ice-creams on a Sunday Morning!

Ice-creams on a Sunday Morning!

Today as I was coming back from my run, I spotted a kid with his grandparents with an ice cream in his hand. My first thought was how in the world is he eating an ice cream at this hour. It was 8am and definitely not the ‘ideal’ time for an ice-cream I thought. Looking around at his grandparents, my judgmental self knew that the kid’s mother is definitely going to give him a piece of her mind once home.

But then I became aware of my reaction, and quite embarrassingly so realisesd that just last week I had also cut a mango and gulped down half a litre of vanilla ice cream with it, alogn with my brother and mother to accompany of course. This was straight after the Sunday breakfast too, which is nothing less than a meal fit for a king I tell you. And what I recalled was all the fun and happiness and more importantly the contentment we felt after eating it.

There are times when our own restrictions and rules for the day devoid us from enjoying that one happy moment. There is not always a need for these moments but they are beautiful when they happen. The catch is that we have to create them ourselves. We need to get a bit mindless at times, and do what our heart wants. Running every morning is ideal to get fit but that one blob of ice cream can do wonders for your internal fitness. Are you ready to explore your moment of happiness? Let that kid in you get up and not restrict you. Don’t get tied down or toed in by what you have come to be. Instead keep exploring yourself through different aspects. you will be pleasantly surprised at who you discover.

Onwards forever!

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