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Depression around Hot Showers       

Depression around Hot Showers       

I am sure you are cued in to all the depression talks around the world these days. Suddenly it’s the new thing for celebrities to ‘come out’ with and talk about. No offense to anyone but again talking about something is not the means to an end. There is a lot of work required for building up something which requires people to go beyond ‘log kya kahenge’.

Not directly related but there was a point in time when I used to feel utterly depressed after a hot shower and was not quite aware what was causing it. I would feel low, lethargic and my legs would ache, for no reason at all. I was aware of this but could not put a finger on what was causing it until I realized it might be the hot showers. As strange as it sounded to me in my head, I tried switching to colder temp and voila, the weird ‘low’ sensations did die down. Scientifically too the blood circulation becomes so high with hot showers, that the already relaxed cells become numb, leading to a situation called POTS apparently. Not knowing about this until recently, I did not speak of this weird feeling for long, not sure what to make of it. Once when I did tell my mother she looked at me as if I had just landed back from Mars, ignored me and went ahead with feeding the spoilt pet! Now you know why I keep referring to it as ‘weird’?!

Point being that all it took was an astute sense of what was happening with my mind and body, and taking action of swinging the faucet the other way. Now not everything is as simple and easy to be swung around and all would be well, but the fact that there is a lot of hype created by media, it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand what to filter and what to take in. the chicken and eggs situation seems to be popping up in every aspect, and unnecessarily so. There are always going to be new and big topics for discussion. But before you reach a conclusion through the, see if you might already have a solution in you, which in many cases would be!


  • Not all news needs to be applied to you
  • There are solutions within you if you observe
  • Small things make huge impact. Choose wisely
  • When in doubt, talk to your mother (she would definitely gape at you when you’ll tell her hot showers make you sad)
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