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International English Olympiad

IEO Mail

Subject Line: Are you the next English Olympiad Champion?

Email Body:


Are you always correcting your friends’ grammar or have your nose buried in a book secretly trying to find some spelling mistake? Does the longest word in English excite you enough to run to the dictionary?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then take the IEO (International English Olympiad) Fast-track Course and supercharge your way to success! Teachers at Vedantu are themselves Olympiad champs and pros who have undergone intensive training themselves. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Your fundamentals get crystal clear
  • Loads of practice questions
  • Endless virtual discussions at every step
  • Quick and extensive revision of all chapters

All students from Class 6-8 are welcome to take this course starting 2nd Jan. IEO exam is your chance to let your English skills be put to test on an international scale. Right from language, communication and grammar is evaluated here and Vedantu gives you a chance to get to top of it.

Enroll here for an exciting fast track course to nail this Olympiad!

We would tell you the longest word in the English dictionary but you have got to enroll first!

IEO 2nd reminder

Subject line: IEO – Gateway to Your Child’s Success

Email Body:

The International English Olympiad (IEO) is just around the corner. If you are proud of your child’s English, his grasp on the language and grammar, then make him a part of this Event. Leave the making of the Champion on Vedantu as we assemble our best teachers for a Fast-track course in English Olympiad. With the best to be offered, here’s a preview of what to expect from the course:

  • Basic fundamentals of the subject get cleared
  • Numerous practice questions till the student is 100% confident
  • Real time discussions of every lesson
  • Sail through revision of all chapters

The IEO is not just any other exam. Recognized on a global platform, being a part of it would give your child an experience of different level. This can be the stage for him/her to grow, become competitive and perform their best. Make the best of Vedantu’s teachers and cutting-edge technology by enrolling here.

The course begins on 2nd Jan for class 6-8 students. Grab your seats now HERE.

IEO 3rd Reminder

Subject: Your Child deserves Your Motivation

Email Body:

Let your child become a part of a global platform like International English Olympiad exam. If English is your child’s favorite subject, or enjoys reading, or has a strong command of the language, give him/her your belief that they are the best! Let the teachers at Vedantu take care of rest, with fast-track course on offer for Class 6-8, everything to accelerate your child’s progress would be considered. Here’s what you can expect for your child:

  • Quick and extensive run through of the syllabus
  • Excessive practice questions
  • Real time discussions with teachers
  • All doubts cleared for the final day

With an intensive curriculum of over 16 topics, this course starts on 2nd Jan for which you can enroll here. Get more from Vedantu as your child is in safe premises of your home, studying as per guidance from exceptional tutors qualified for Olympiads and regularly updating you in the ten day span as well.

This is your chance to motivate your child and let him/her know you believe in them!

Become a part of this exciting event NOW!

SMS Reminder 2:

Don’t miss this chance to enroll your child for IEO fast track course now starting 2nd Jan for class 6-8 students. Click here for more details.

SMS Reminder 3:

Last few seats remaining to enroll your child in IEO fast track course for English Olympiad starting 2nd Jan for class 6-8 students. Click here for more.

Sharing Mock Test Email

Subject Line: Definite Success through Mock Test Papers

Email Body:

Dear Parent,

Become a part of your child’s biggest life event of appearing for class 10 board exams. Give him/her the gift of mock test papers at Vedantu which have been compiled by qualified and industrious tutors. Let your child know and understand his/her current level of learning. These mock tests are designed to evaluate all aspects of the curriculum and are available for all CBSE subjects.

These mock test papers are available for download here for FREE!

The best feature of these mock test papers – one trial session with a tutor to understand and discuss the answers! Register here to get the trial session with tutor of your choice!

These mock test papers are going to assist your child by:

  • Ensuring all syllabus has been covered
  • Understanding the level of fundamentals being clear
  • Providing a platform to revise everything
  • Provide real time results through virtual tutor

Avail the opportunity and Download NOW!

Follow-up of Mock Test

Subject Line: Code to Crack Class 10 Board Exams

Email Body:

Dear Parent,

If you have been having sleepless nights along with your child for the upcoming class 10 Board exams, fear not anymore. We have figured out the code to crack the class 10 Board Exams. The code is called REVISION!

Yes it’s a small one word but encompasses a universe in itself.

Not sure where to begin revising from?

Having last minute jitters?

Sudden blackout?

The answer to all of above lies in revision! Vedantu’s brilliantly crafted Revision courses offer the following:

  • Online courses with LIVE interaction among students and teachers
  • Questions based on research of last 5 year papers
  • Solving application based numericals
  • Understanding and smartly applying the marking scheme
  • Tips on avoiding silly mistakes
  • Time management tools for last minute and during exams

Enroll here for the Revision Courses and let your child feel free and relaxed as the exam dates approach nearer.

SMS for Mock test share:

Get your child ahead with preparation for Board Exams. Download the mock test paper for CBSE Class 10 from Vedantu HERE

SMS for revision courses:

Looking for best revision courses for your child? Look no further than Vedantu’s intensive online revision courses for all subjects. Enroll HERE